P_R_O_J_E_K_T_E_T was born on Instagram in 2017 as @p_r_o_j_e_k_t_e_t. It quickly evolved into a serious attempt to advance Literature into the digital space. It is not supported by any corporation, publisher or public body.

There is the Instagram account and this blog for now. In the future P_R_O_J_E_K_T_E_T will branch out into other forms of expression.

P_R_O_J_E_K_T_E_T is, in brief:

  • A critique of the increasing irrelevance of Literature
  • A manifesto for a new kind of Literature that occupies the digital space
  • A dynamic and on-going interplay between narrative, metafiction and philosophical and literary critique.

If you want to know more I encourage you to read these texts and to follow @p_r_o_j_e_k_t_e_t on Instagram.

Open for collaborations of any kind. Use contact page or kentkent100000@gmail.com.